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A/Prof. Luca Cocchi

Scientific Director

A/Professor Luca Cocchi has proven expertise across several research domains:

  • neuroimaging
  • neuroscience
  • computational modelling
  • brain stimulation
  • psychiatry; and
  • clinical trials.


This broad expertise has allowed A/Prof. Cocchi to bridge traditional academic disciplines. He has established a translational research program that significantly advances the understanding of brain function in health and disease. This knowledge is promptly implemented into developing and trialling novel therapeutic interventions.

A/Prof. Cocchi is the leader of clinical trials on the concurrent use of neuroimaging and brain stimulation to target the activity of brain networks underpinning psychiatric symptoms.

A/Prof. Cocchi has published as first or last author in top-ranking scientific and clinical journals, including:

Nature Communications


Molecular Psychiatry


Nature Mental Health


A/Prof Cocchi is an editor in the journal NeuroImage: Clinical and sits on the editorial board of the top journal in neuroimaging (NeuroImage).


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A/Prof. Luca Cocchi