Our team

Dr Robin Cash

Clinical Associate

Dr Robin Cash is an ARC funded early-mid career researcher. He has expertise across brain stimulation, neuroimaging, neuroscience and depression and trained in a number of leading research groups in these areas across Frankfurt, New York, and Toronto.

Over time, he has transitioned from basic to translational research and his work has been adopted clinically. For example, together with a clinical team, he developed a novel accelerated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) protocol, which drastically shortens the duration required to deliver therapeutic TMS; this provides a several-fold improvement in per-session cost and is hoped to help make Medicare refundable in Ontario (Canada).

His work on connectivity-based target site personalization for therapeutic brain stimulation applications has received significant international attention, repeatedly ranking in the top 5% of international research outputs (Altmetric) and receiving the Human Brain Mapping editors’ award for “most noteworthy and impactful manuscript” (2020).

He has 41 publications (695 citations) and has a sustained record of publishing in leading international journals.