For referrals

From November 2021 TMS is a Medicare rebated item. This opens the doors to another effective treatment for TRD.

A referral is required to attend Queensland Neurostimulation Centre with Medicare subsidy.

At Queensland Neurostimulation Centre
  • We provide TMS only.
  • We do not change your patient’s medications
  • We do not provide after-hours contact or inpatient admissions
  • We can provide specialist advice for diagnosis and treatment, as well as provide access to personalised TMS. 
  • We do not provide longitudinal psychiatric care
  • We reinvest our profits into research that improves TMS personalisation
  • Primary mental health treatment (such as medication changes and other therapy) remains with the patient’s usual treating psychiatrist or GP

For referrals Medical Objects is preferred



(07) 3839 3588

Further information for referrers

Further information to referrers and clinicians on request.

We can provide education and workshop sessions on management of TRD and TMS.

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Below you’ll find resources about treatment resistant depression, TMS, and Personalised TMS.

TMS for Treatment Resistant depression

TMS is a non-invasive treatment and is an alternative to ECT or trialling more medications.

What is TMS?

What is TMS? How does it work and what can it treat?

Personalised TMS

Personalised TMS improves accuracy and reliability

We are one of few centres in the world capable of delivering personalised TMS.