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Personalised Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) For Treatment Resistant Depression.

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We are a team of passionate neuroscience researchers and experienced mental health clinicians collaborating to combine innovative research with personalised mental health treatments to deliver precision medicine.

Treatment Resistant Depression

Some people may experience intolerable side effects to antidepressants or have conditions where these side effects are unacceptable or too risky. Some antidepressant medications may cause weight gain, sexual problems, nausea, or fatigue. TMS may be a more desirable option for these people.

It is common to continue taking antidepressants while receiving TMS. TMS may be a better alternative to trialling new or additional medications.

Our team is at the forefront of neuroscience research into mental health conditions and neurostimulation in Australia and the world.

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Our passionate team is a combination of highly experienced mental health clinicians and neuroscience researchers working hand in hand to deliver modern, personalised mental health treatments.

How to access our services

As we are an intervention service, all patients need a referral from a GP or psychiatrist. For referrers, we have a referral template, or we accept general referral letters. Patients can directly email their referrals. Alternatively, referrers can send via email or the Medical Objects system.