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Dr Phil Mosley

Clinical Associate

Dr Phil Mosley is a specialist psychiatrist and clinician-scientist with strong expertise in the psychiatric aspects of deep brain stimulation (DBS).

Following a 2-year neuropsychiatry fellowship 2013-2015, he has been embedded as the neuropsychiatrist at one of the largest DBS centres worldwide. He has been personally involved in the care of over 600 DBS cases, making him one of the most experienced psychiatrists in this field.

Dr Mosley is the Director of Psychiatry at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital and chair of the Queensland Section of Neuropsychiatry. He is a member of the psychiatric subcommittee of the World Society of Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery and has contributed to a position statement on neurosurgery for psychiatric disorders.

Dr Mosley completed a PhD in computational neuroscience in 2019 alongside his clinical work, basing his research questions on his clinical insights. 11 papers were published from his thesis.

Phil Mosley

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Dr Phil Mosley