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image of Luca Cocchi

A/Professor Luca Cocchi has proven expertise across several research domains:

  • neuroimaging
  • neuroscience
  • computational modelling
  • brain stimulation
  • psychiatry; and
  • clinical trials.

This broad expertise has allowed A/Prof. Cocchi to bridge traditional academic disciplines. He has established a translational research program that delivers significant advances in understanding brain function in health and disease. This knowledge is promptly implemented into development and trial novel therapeutic interventions.

A/Prof. Cocchi is the leader of two clinical trials on the concurrent use of neuroimaging and brain stimulation to target the activity of brain networks underpinning psychiatric symptoms.

In the past five years, A/Prof. Cocchi has published as first or last author in top-ranking scientific and clinical journals including:

Nature Communications


Molecular Psychiatry


A/Prof Cocchi is an editor in the journal NeuroImage: Clinical and sits on the editorial board of the top journal in the field of neuroimaging (NeuroImage).

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